Introducing AskRetire!®

Retirement Evaluation Program – AskRetire!®

Millions of people plan and/or worry about their retirement nest egg. The problem; it is a process that needs careful thought and planning. You don’t just set it up, and let it take care of itself. It requires you, the individual to be in charge of your destiny. Most companies during the eighties and nineties did away with their Defined Benefit Plans, which were completely funded by the company, but later substituted 401k or similar plans. This gave the individual the ability and the responsibility to be totally or partially responsible for their retirement planning needs to augment possible social security retirement benefits. Some companies match their employees’ contributions. However all individuals who fill the ranks of the work force, don’t necessarily have access to companies that have structured retirement plans. Nevertheless, they have the same planning needs and goals. Now, AskRetire!® offers a comprehensive tool to evaluate the potential of your retirement savings plan, whether in participation with a structured company plan, or totally on your own. Some of the key elements of the tool are:

The ability to determine current investments potential at desired retirement age.

The ability to determine future investments potential at desired retirement age.

Integrate Defined Benefit Plans along with personal saving plans.

Determine other investments possibilities outside tax deferred savings plans

Estimate living expense needs at retirement using the built in cost of living adjustment  tables included in the model.

Experiment with different retirement ages, multiple investment earnings scenarios, and different type of investments to maximize your retirement goals.

Provide periodic comparisons to prior periods to evaluate if you are on track or not.