Where do you stand with your retirement? Do you know how much it will be worth when you want to retire? Can you measure at any time you desire how much these choices will be worth at retirement? What if you want to retire earlier than what is considered normal retirement age? Can you measure at an instant whether our not you will have enough retirement income to meet your expected needs?

AskRetire!® can help you plan what you want to do, what you want to have, not what some investments counselor, or financial advisor is trying to sell or promote. AskRetire!® evaluates, investment advice you are given, and how that advice matches up with your interpretation of your retirement goals. In addition, you can work on your plans as many times as you wish, and when you have time, without working on some advisors or investment group internet site, adding protection of your private information.

Some of the key enhancements include:

Multiple levels of 401(k)/403(b) design, including company matching
• Company sponsored Defined Benefit Plans
• Cash and Marketable Securities
• Real Estate Holdings
• Sock Portfolios, Bonds, Other Investments
• Inflation Factors and Cost of Living Analysis
• Graphic Presentation shows you when you have met you Goals

The program provides a forecast of what current balances will be worth at your requested retirement, as well as what future monthly savings plans will be worth for all types of investments listed above, whether they are tax deferred on not. The program also provides the user the ability to forecast the effect of cost of living increases at the time of retirement, and if the investment earnings can provide enough income to meet the desired standard of living at retirement.